The Only Why

With all the demons you’ll have to fight, I know you’ll shine, so bright.

And with every love that you leave behind, I ask that you never forget mine.

Because there exists good beyond all of my slight, it’s there, I’ll fight.

With all the pain in this world and strife, you are a calm respite.

And with every hurt you find you’ll find, I hope it’ll ease your mind to know that you’re made in your God’s image my Star.

You’re a different breed, a different kind.

I swear you’re something divine, I couldn’t love you more if I tried.

There’s a love waiting for you always just a ways behind, I’ll follow that shine, past every line.

And if only I could get you to see yourself through the both of my eyes, you’d see just how bright you truly shine.

You are the muse that gives to this world its proof, that sometimes things do go right, that something’s have within them a light.

Your presence has made us that much more wise.

And should your light cross that great divide, I’ll crawl up through the mouth of the sky.

And should you come to the gates, I know, Peter and his crooked smile won’t even think twice.

Because you’re made in your God’s image, you are hope redefined.

I’ll find my way, despite all of you that weighs on my mind.

You are the petals that float gentle on the breeze, just out of reach, across the raging stream.

If there is any peace at all to find, even if just a sliver of something sublime, I’ll share with you all of mine, just sit with me beneath this vine.

I swear of this Earth you are our salt, our light.

And if you ask it of me I’ll leave it all behind.

For love is the only why.

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