Till the Dying of the Light

I’ll glide across this frosted sea,
I’ll crush the salt between my teeth,
Neither will I let you slip to the shallows or the deep,
But I’m afraid I’ll never drag us to the beach.
I’ll take up all 12 of the swords,
I’ll plunge them deeper than the ice persists,
If you listen closely in the futures past,
You can hear the sword still twist.
I’ll cut till the dying of the light,
I’ll split the gate of heaven with the heat,
I’ll break fate across my knee,
That you might come to me.
Oh I knew that you knew too well,
Just how deep I’ve gone into this frozen hell.
My heart is yours to squander,
Your splendor mine to conquer,
I hear the song of the nightingale.
The days come and the days go,
But my hands still shake the same,
And upon the ice do these swords break.
Hold true, hold true,
I’ll crawl,
I’ll claw,
Until the splintering of the ice.
Dont starve… dont starve,
Those stars, those stars,
A target for which I take my aim.
Can you hear, can you hear?
I cant breathe,
Is this the thing that you need from me?
I’ve been a coward to the end,
Do you exist, do you exist?
Steel between my hands,
Still between my breaths,
Do you exist, do you exist?
No shame,
No guilt,
No pain,
A dulling freezing ache,
Is there more that you need of me?

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