We’re children,
Born to night,
Bathed in black,
Eclipsed by light,
Stars wound tightly round our slight.
All of us here, against the age of the dark.
You think yourself wise,
Or think another wiser?
The vast expanse of the nothing encompasses all of our wisdom.
Our age, all that we have learned,
All that we have earned,
All that we have convinced ourselves of,
Is nothing but a drop in the sea of twilight.
So why do you persist?
Why do you persist?
And why do I?
If misty is our sight?
Who are you really?
And who am I?
Be humble child,
Be patient,
Keep alive.
There is a reason
We will scrawl our names red against the slated sky.
A single glimpse,
Obscured to the eye,
We will sing and write,
We will dance and cry,
Take to the skies,
We will scratch our mark,
Until the last one dies.

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