On the Absurd

There is much to be said on the matter of purpose and the absurd, and I am likely more apt to explain it better in different terms one day, but I think this suffices for now.

There came a time where I wondered what my purpose was. What the world is, who i am, what even matters. And for some like me God isn’t a sufficient answer, not that there isn’t beauty or value in the idea or truth of it, just that its not enough. And thats not on any account of my not trying, im quite well versed in manners of religion now. But it came to a point where i wanted to live without an appeal. And i find when that happens one often learns that the world doesn’t care about them, what it is is the collision of atoms and energy into different forms. But what came from this process is humans, and passion and love and hope and dreams and purpose from them. What is not absurd is to have purpose but to demand it from a world ill equipped to provide you with one. Your task here is to paint the void. The world cares about you in so much as you are the world experiencing itself. And when you have those who care about you or you have enough courage to care about yourself, then so too is the world caring about you. There is value in love and purpose to be found in the void and this formation of processes that we call mankind.

And so no, love, emotion itself is not fake because it is a process that can be explained. Sure it loses a bit of that wideyed magic. But is any enumeration of phenomenon enough to unbutterfly your stomach, to unflush your cheeks or the squeeze of your heart at the site of her. To uncry the groan of your hips as she dances. The wonder at a night sky littered with diamonds or the soft lines of evening sitting heavy on your chest. Certainly it is not. For part of the enumeration of the process is the feeling, the feeling is real, and it always will be.

And so I can attempt a philosophy to explain the nature of life or thought, a direct epistemology of reason or God, but at the end will you know anything more for certain than you do now? I think not, though now you’ve a better way to articulate this feeling that I mean to communicate to you. And in that we find value. In that the world finds value. In mankind does the world have color.

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